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With numerous local suppliers and online or retail stores, including Swiftlet Fortune Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, obtaining the sought-after delicacy of bird nests in Malaysia is convenient and accessible.

Cultivated on our local swiftlet farms in the country, our bird nests are carefully hand-picked, hand-cleaned, and packaged for you to purchase online, offering you the best premium product that will benefit both health and lifestyle. This makes us a renowned supplier of the best bird’s nest products in Malaysia and the trusted bird nest brand for pregnant women.

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Edible Bird’s Nest: What Is It?

Edible bird’s nest is a highly nutritious and prized food product made from the saliva of swiftlet birds, harvested from caves or birdhouses. The picked bird’s nest cannot be eaten directly, but needs to be further processed before it can be eaten. Once cleaned and processed, it is known as Edible Bird’s Nest. It is renowned for its delicate flavour, unique texture, and numerous health benefits, including high levels of protein, essential amino acids, and minerals like calcium, potassium, and iron.

Edible bird’s nest is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine for its rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties, promoting healthy skin and improving respiratory and cognitive function.

How It’s Made?

Bird’s nest is made from the nests created by swiftlet birds using their saliva. To harvest the nests, farmers climb high ladders or use ropes to reach the areas where the nests are located and then carefully harvested by hand.

Bird’s nest cannot be eaten directly after being harvested but needs to be further processed before being eaten. The deep processing steps are roughly divided to sorting and classification, disinfection and cleaning, removal of impurities, multiple times of hair picking, shaping and air drying, quality inspection and packing.

Edible bird’s nest that meets food safety and hygiene standards can only be obtained after completing all professional processing procedures.

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Benefits of Edible Bird’s Nest

Edible bird’s nest is a prized delicacy with a unique texture and taste. It is a luxurious and exquisite ingredient that offers potential health advantages, making it a valuable complement to your diet. Rich in nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, and minerals, an edible bird’s nest is believed to boost the immune system, promote tissue regeneration, improve respiratory health, enhance skin health, and support digestive health. With its delicate and delicious flavour and a slight egg white taste after stewing, check out Swiftlet Fortune’s edible bird’s nest to taste the high quality bird’s nest in the town!

Read our articles to discover the benefits of bird’s nest drink, especially for your skin and why bird nest is good for your health. 

Type of Edible Bird’s Nest

Edible Bird’s nest is mainly divided into two categories:Cave Nest and House Nest. Cave Nest and House Nest are classified according to the nesting place of the swiftlet. The so-called nesting place is the environment where the swiftlets make their nests.

Category Nesting Place Characteristics Nitrite Level Colour
Cave bird nest Cave Nest Caves Uncontrollable environment, low hygiene and safety, more minerals, higher risk of nitrite exceeding the standard High Mostly orange and red
Cave bird nest House Nest Houses Regular cleaning and management, under Veterinary Health Department supervision, higher quality and cleaner, lower risk of nitrite exceeding the standard Low Mostly off-white (rainy season) and slightly yellow (dry season)

Note: Nitrite is naturally present in swiftlet saliva. Contamination of bird’s nest by guano will increase the ammonia concentration in house or cave environment, that’s where the nitrite will happen. Excessive intake of nitrite will cause very bad harm to the human body.

Therefore, comparing cave nest with house nest, we would recommend you to buy HOUSE NEST because it is cleaner, more hygienic, and complies with food safety standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is recommended for Pregnant Mummy/Housewife/Working Adults/Elderly for own consumption and long-term health?

We highly recommended you with our Instant Edible Bird Nest, it only needs to be cook for 30 minutes, no hair-picking and no soaking are required, and currently we are having PROMOTION hence the price is more worthwhile and more cost-effective.

If you don’t have time to cook, Ready-to-drink bird nest is very suitable for you, it is convenient and you may consume the bird nest immediately after open the lid.

How much do you recommend pregnant women to eat? How to eat?

For pregnant women, it is recommended to eat 3-4 times a week. If you have more budget, you may eat it every day and the results will be better. We recommended pregnant women to consume 3-5 grams each time.

The best time to eat bird nest will be in the morning with an empty stomach, or 2 hours before going to bed at night.

Read our guide for further advice on consumption for pregnant women and discover the 10 reasons why bird’s nest is good for pregnancy here.

When is the most effective time to eat bird nest? How long does it eat to get better results?

It is recommended to eat bird nest on an empty stomach in the morning (the body can easily absorb nutrients), or 2 hours before going to bed at night (to improve sleep quality).  If you want to have better results and improvement, at least regularly and quantitatively consume it for atlease 3-6 months.

After placing an order, how do I know that the order has been placed successfully?

The system will display【PROCESSING】once you have placed the order successfully, and then our customer service will WhatsApp your parcel’s tracking number within 3 working days.

For normal delivery, how long will it take to receive the order? What if mine is an urgent order(Klang Valley Area)?

Normal delivery is FREE OF CHARGE and can be received within 1-5 working days.

We do accept urgent orders in the Klang Valley area ONLY, and we will charge RM20 for the delivery fee. We will use Grab Express / Lalamove to deliver. Kindly WhatsApp our customer service at 012-5991135 for further arrangement.

Which country do you ship to? How much do you charge for the delivery fee?

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