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Swiftlet Fortune Manufacturing Sdn Bhd was founded in March, 2007. Our bird’s nest business activities cover manufacturing, processing and marketing of bird’s nest. We use only raw bird’s nests harvested from pollution-free and ecologically-safe environments. It is our commitment as a bird nest supplier to upholding the highest standards and best practices when it comes to the selection and screening of raw materials, the production process and the sale of finished products. The bird nest production process strictly complies with the national standards for food safety and hygiene from start to finish,. Throughout the bird nest production process, from its cleaning and quality checking to packaging, storage and distribution, data are collected and evaluated to achieve the highest level of product quality control and assurance. Our extensive marketing network as a bird nest supplier covers Malaysia, China (Dalian, Hunan, Chengdu, Shandong, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Fujian, Guangzhou, Hong Kong), among others.

‘Swiftlet Fortune’is a house bird’s nest brand developed by Swiftlet Fortune Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. It is a new-generation bird nest company incorporating both lifestyle and health elements. Our professional management team adheres to stringent quality requirements and seeks to outperform itself on a sustained basis. Throughout the bird nest production process, we ensure that each detail is attended to in order to deliver you and your loved ones a premium bird nest product that you and your loved ones will enjoy!

‘Quality first, integrity first’ Over the years in the business of bird nest production, Swiftlet Fortune Manufacturing Sdn Bhd has been living up to our motto, ‘Quality first, integrity first’. This guiding principle has won us favorable business reputation in the market and the industry as a bird nest supplier. Over the years, we have been insisting on the highest standards, the best quality and achieving perfection. This is not just our business philosophy, but also our commitment to our customers. After all, your health is our responsibility.

Swiftlet Fortune Bird's Nests are hand-cleaned by skilled workers through a stringent cleaning process certified by the authorities to ensure the safety of the bird's nests for consumption. A lot of attention is given to details during the entire manufacturing flow, from production through processing to quality checking. We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality bird's nests that meet increasing market demand for natural health food. To safeguard the premium quality of Swiftlet Fortune Bird's Nests, we have set up our own processing plants, and established and adhered to the most comprehensive regulations to ensure Swiftlet Fortune Bird's Nests are processed in a clean and safe environment. Our employees comply with the best practice that incorporates five types of hygiene gear, namely clothing, gloves, masks, caps and boots. These ensure personal hygiene and the isolation of bacteria and substance contamination. All employees must conduct thorough hand-cleaning procedure in the clean room before they enter the processing plant.




Swiftlet Fortune Manufacturing Sdn Bhd adopts modern production technology and strives to uphold our business philosophy to safeguard consumer health. We operate the business with integrity and are committed to offering consumers safe and pure bird's nest-- this remains our business objective since the company was founded.




Bird's Nest Recipe (Yanzhan) :

1. 选一片完好的燕盏;

2. 取一个碗,加清水,放入燕盏。泡发一小时,完成后取出;用清水漂洗一次,

3. 把干净的燕窝撕成条状,尽量不要弄断;

4. 炖锅外壶加清水,炖盅加入适量的纯净水;

5. 把炖盅置入炖锅中,待水沸腾后;将发好的燕窝放入炖盅,炖大约40-45minutes

6. 把炖好的燕窝倒入碗中,根据个人口味喜好;加入冰糖水、椰汁、牛奶、等搭配即可食用。

Bird's Nest Recipe( Pure Edible Bird's Nest 3gram)

1. 按1:40ratio of clean water to add in (Example1gram of bird's nest add in40ml of clean water3gram of bird's nest add in120ml ofclean water

2. Boil water inside the cooker

3. Take out 1 pcs of Pure Edible Bird's Nest and remove the packaging seal

Option 1: Place Pure Edible Bird's Nest inside the cooker and cook for about 30minutes

Option2: Double boil for45minutes

4. Pour the stewed bird's nest into a bowl, add rock sugar water, coconut milk, milk according to personal taste.

Benefit by consuming Bird's Nest daily

1. Sialic Acid

2. Amino Acids

3. Strengthen immunity system

4. Nourishing internal organs

5. Beneficial for pregnant mother

6. Nourishing lungs

7. Postpartum repair

8. Prevent cancer

9. Postoperative repair

10. Anti-aging properties

11. nourishing stomach

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